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The Full Story

Like many American families, ours had a simple dream of starting a home based business to help support our family. The priority was finding a way to care for the needs of our kids without taking another parent out of the home. Thus in 2022, G&G Laser Works was born to fill this role.


Our company specializes in custom laser cutting and engraving services. We also support other small businesses through the purchase of their customizable designs, which we can incorporate into our business offerings. We also come up with ideas of our own and create our own designs. Many times ideas come from our customer's suggestions, as we want to develop products you will want buy and would be proud to display.


At G&G Laser Works, our goal is to provide everyone with top notch customer service, for we love our customers and care about the relationships we form with them. We also strive to always sell quality products at fair prices, for we want you to love our products as much as we do.

We are G&G Laser Works and we look forward to making something for you!

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